Samaritan Walk-in

Samaritan walk-in is a storage system for protective materials. There is room for shoe covers and handsanitazer. The Samaritan walk-in also has a trash can that is placed under the handsanatizer as an extra drip guard.

Without interruption, the Samaritan is easily hung over a door or closet. Advantageously in connection with the entrance so that the right protective material can be quickly found and put on when performing close work. (various other suspension methods are available, contact us by mail or telephone for further information)

  • The Samartian guarentees the home's protective material, which reduces spilled material and makes it easier to find.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Prevents possible spread of infection.
  • It is manufactured in Sweden and design protected.

The product consists of a piece of polyethylene. The product is cleaned in a washing machine at 60 celcius or wiped with surface disinfectant.

Samaritan walk-in, measures 25 cm wide and 100 cm long.

The pendant and rail are made of hot-dip galvanized steel that can be cleaned with surface disinfectant if needed.

The door pendant is adapted to a door that is 4 cm wide. The wardrobe bracket is adapted to a width of 2.7 cm. The pendant has two sides whose length is A-side 20 cm or B-side 4 cm down from the top of the door leaf.

Note, protective material in the picture is not included in the product.

399.00 kr